Laboratory medicine

Laboratory medicine

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Erba XL 1000 : Automated clinical chemistry analyzer

Erba XL 1000 : Product description

Automated High Throughput Random Access Analyzer, it offers continuous sample loading facility using racks.

Automated high throughput random access analyzer, it offers continuous sample loading facility using racks. Contrary to other automatic analyzers, the sample loading is automatic instead of manual thereby enhancing precision.

  • Throughput of upto 1040 tests/hour with ISE- 800 photometric tests/ hr and 240 tests/ hr with ISE
  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes – requiring no replacement for upto 4-5 years
  • Direct ISE measurement for Na/K/Cl/Li (optional)
  • Auto re-run, auto dilution, reflex testing
  • Probes with clot detection & Vertical Obstruction Detection feature
  • Low reagent/test consumption -requires reagent volume of just 150 ┬ÁL, thereby proving to be cost effective for laboratories
  • Extensive Quality Control menu  (L-J chart, twin plot, QC rules)

Fig. Erba XL-1000 system
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