Laboratory medicine

Laboratory medicine

Thursday, May 12, 2016

CLINITEK Atlas Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer : Benefits

CLINITEK Atlas Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer (Rack):

The CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer (with rack) is a fully automated, benchtop instrument designed for high-volume urine testing, using Siemens' proven technology in dry-pad urine chemistry analysis.

  • Unique, continuous reagent roll for simplified loading and reduced interruptions
  • Modular design for compatibility with laboratory automation systems
  • Built-in liquid level sensing for simplified sample preparation

True Calibration of All Analytes Provides Confidence in Results
Liquid ready-to use calibration material ensures accuracy
Minimizes lot variability

Easy to Learn and Operate
Menu driven
Simple keypad operation

Built-in Liquid Level Sensing Simplifies Sample Preparation
Adjusts automatically to sample volume
Pour any volume ≥ 2 mL without need for special steps or tubes
Reduces time to prepare samples for testing

Adaptable to Laboratory Automation Systems
Modular design facilitates track readiness

The Rack Sample Handler Offers
Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of testing volumes. Load up to 200 samples at once
Maximum productivity and fewer interruptions, with walkaway time of up to 53 minutes
Easy transfer of sediment analyzer with racks that are compatible with the Sysmex UF-100™ Automated Urine Cell Analyzer

Fig. CLINITEK Atlas Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer
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